Saturday, March 14, 2009

Buy Here, Sell There

Tired of thinking something for yourself? Nothing new to sell much these days? Don't have the effort for innovation or you are simply just bored?

You should take to being like a merchant then. This mercantile trade of buying things from people at a discounted price and then earning a profit by selling them to people of other locales. Just like how the merchants did it in the olden times.

This is especially nice if you have a transport, an active directory of all fairs and festivals happening around the country or state (country would be better, of course, you'd have to consider the fare expenses too, especially with state-to-state traveling), a knack for customer relations and good mathematical thinking. Like how much will you profit over your expenses, your loss? If you do this, will you gain more or lose some?

You would be traveling, A LOT. Of course, if you're really that good, and the products you bought really live up to their name, then have a go for it. Much more better if you realize you're good at this and then consider a shift in careers. That way, you can make a map of yearly activities for you.

Consider the wares you are going to sell too. Have a good stock and supply for upcoming events when you have established yourself. Earn a good reputation with your "suppliers" (that means the people you brought your good from) because they will be your "customers" once you have moved on to the next festival. Avoid perishables (especially food) unless you're sure you can sell it.

It would definitely work if your charm can sell ice to Eskimos. But you really don't have to be THAT good. Success is not an overnight thing. Try and try, improve and learn the ropes, the tricks of the trade. If you are forthright dedicated to this, you are sure to succeed.

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